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Council of Indian Institutes of Information Technology

शिक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
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Environment & Sustainability | IIIT Council

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and sustainability initiatives at IIITs are focused towards creating a more sustainable world while improving the quality of life. Through multidisciplinary research and projects, IIITs are collaborating with the government, industry experts, academic institutions, environmental agencies, and local communities to find cost-effective solutions with lasting impact to environment and sustainability issues. IIITs are currently focusing to develop the next generation sustainable practices on local as well as global level in the following areas: Smart cities, Green manufacturing, Biodiversity, Renewable resources, Ecological management, Electric vehicles, Air quality, Water conservation, Clean water, Sewage treatment, Disaster management, Land management, Energy conservation, Waste management, Pollution, Safety etc.

Green Policy

IIITs are committed to excel in sustained green practices to minimize the environmental impact throughout their campuses. Significant efforts are going on within the campuses in various areas such as green audit, reducing carbon footprint, energy conservation, water conservation and recycling, waste reduction and disposal, solar power generation, digital resources, tree plantation and biodiversity conservation.
Many programs for spreading society-wide awareness are conducted on regular basis in collaboration with industry experts and external agencies. We invite corporates, agencies and experts who are willing to participate in joint programs on various green initiatives and research.