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Pan -IIIT Events

Inter IIIT Sports Meet: The first edition of the Inter-IIIT Sports Meet (CFTI & PPP mode IIITs) was held in IIITDM Kancheepuram on 12-15 December 2016. The sports meet is an annual event and will be hosted by the IIITs on a rotation basis. The next sports meet will be held at IIIT Gwalior. The first sports meet at IIITDM Kancheepuram was a four-day event structured on a League cum Knockout basis. 12 IIITs participated in various Men’s and Women’s categories. All event regulations were modelled on Indian Sports Federation guidelines.

IIIT Allahabad

Aparoksha: Technical Festivals are a great medium to inculcate these technological advancements in young minds and thus feeding an arduous tomorrow. Aparoksha is a Sanskrit adjective that highlights perception. It refers to the intuitive expertise - one of the seven stages of knowledge. Apparently, Technology is a direct consequence of imagination, perception. Where Technology fostered several miraculous breakthroughs in various influential zones of society, there Imagination has brought mankind through the Dark Ages to its present state of civilization. Whether it is Kekule who dreamt about a benzene structure or Wright brothers who invented aeroplane, every paragon is beneficence of imagination of an erudite. A strong imagination has the power to mould a pile of junk in a masterpiece. Over the years, the rich legacy of events like ALKHWARISM, COLDFIRE, PERPLEXUZ, MAGNIX, ROBO RACE, PENALTY SHOOTOUT etc. has uplifted the competing edge and brought a large amount of participation from various premiere institutes like IITs, NITs, IIITs and many more.

ABV - IIITM Gwalior

Aurora: This is a cultural festival held over a period of three days in the month of February/ March. Aurora should not be looked upon just as a cultural event but an attempt to promote friendship, teamwork, and alliances. It is an opportunity to exhibit your talents to members of your community and visitors. Participants are invited from academic institutes across India and even abroad to join in this cultural extravaganza. This three day event comprises: Parivesh (a fashion show showcasing ethnic Indian dresses); personality contest; Kavi Sammelan; Antakshari, singing competition, dance competitions and similar such events. Aurora is a regular event in the calendar of ABV-IIITM and is being held without interruption since its inception in 2001.

Infotsav: This institute organises events that acknowledges technological innovations and management procedures with accolades every year. ABV-IIITM in its continuous efforts to recognize excellence in areas of technology and management among its scholars organises ‘Infotsav’ every year. Participants are invited form leading technological and management institutes of this country, while premier industrial and business houses sponsor this event. Awards are in the form of prize money and recognition. Infotsav is organized in October/ November.

HIQ – High Intelligence Quotient: HIQ is this institute’s initiative to encourage innovative knowledge amongst its learners. We at ABV-IIITM believe that every dream could be achieved if it is purposeful and feasible. We celebrate creative thoughts and knowledge among students through interactive sessions, classroom lectures and quiz rounds. Initiated in 2001 this is one of the more successful endeavours of this institute.

Twaran is an inter-IIIT (only CFTI) sports meet organised by IIIT Gwalior in the past.


The students have been organizing annual inter-college festivals namely “Tarang” (Cultural Fest), “Abhikalpan” (Tech Fest) and “Gusto” (Sports Fest) in the campus regularly ever since the inception of the institute. These festivals have become very popular among the students of other colleges of Jabalpur and a significant number of students of other colleges participate in these events. Apart from this, various festivals at inter-hall level like DMD battle (Cultural event), Enthuse (Sports event) and various technical events such as Photography Exhibitions, Robotics events, etc, are also being organized by students. Institute has also opened SPIC-MACAY chapter under whose banner various cultural and folk events are being organised. National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day are also organized by IIITDMJ students with great enthusiasm.

IIITDM Kancheepuram

Samgatha: The annual techno-cultural festival, Samgatha, is an apt demonstration of the extra-curricular competence and managerial finesse of the students. It has bloomed into a popular platform for students from various colleges to prove their mettle in diverse events. Privileged by prolific speakers, innovators and the brightest mind from various fields, the event offers the students to boost their professional awareness and their organisational skills. Samgatha, the annual Technical and cultural festival of IIITDM Kancheepuram, usually celebrated in the last week March every year. The festival had several technical events like Astyanax (robotics), Designception, Hexagon(coding), Mech-a-thon, SPARK with the colors of cultural events like Battle of Bands, Dance wars, literary events and much more. Samgatha hosted the second Panel Discussion, Startupedia, in which students were given the opportunity to discuss and share their views with famous industrialist. Many tech talks and workshops were conducted during Samgatha by famous firms. Talks by famous philosophers and entrepreneurs like King Siddarth had a place in Samgatha. Makers’ Faire, as a hook to promote Make in India, was held during Samgatha in which students exhibited their prototypes and several companies familiarized their products to the students. Clustervents are organised as a precursor leading to this main event.